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Religious Education

Whitwell Primary School has no religious affiliation. In school, the teaching of Religious Education (RE) follows the Derbyshire Agreed Religious Syllabus, which is taught in all Derbyshire Primary Schools. Although our RE syllabus reflects the fact that religious traditions in Great Britain are in the main Christian, we do consider other world religions and encourage the children to understand and respect each other’s differences and similarities.


Each Key Stage has an overview of what is required to be covered in the year. Click on the links below:

Collective Worship

We hold a daily assembly, where the children come together as a whole school or in Key Stages, enabling children to listen to and reflect and to take an active part wherever possible. Within assembly time we hold collective worship which is a legal requirement. The children are encouraged to have a sense of awe and wonder and spiritual and global awareness. There is also an emphasis on developing a sense of community through the shared ethos, values and attitudes of the school. We follow a structured set of themes throughout the year which include Christian topics, moral, cultural and social stories, multi-faith stories and important dates and people.


Parents have the right to withdraw children from daily collective worship.

For further information about Collective Worship, please refer to our policy in the policies' section.