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We had a great start to our trip, with everyone arriving on time and a relatively easy journey down to Portsmouth with a quick stop along the way. Lots of food and sweets were eaten before we arrived for lunch!

So, we made it to Southsea Common and had a picnic as the skies were clearing and it was really warm. 

The seagulls joined us, scrounging for sandwiches.

The ferry was on time and the children were the most excited about this. They loved it. Our children were behaved so well and were polite and friendly around the public. 

Next, we called in at The Model Village and saw the beautiful gardens and everyone visited the shop for a treat. 

After arriving at the hotel at 545pm, we went straight for our fire drill, took luggage to the rooms and then had tea. The children ate well and were glad to sit and chat.

Then we had a good hour on the beach, it was fine and the children rolled in sand, dug holes, played football and generally had a great time.


Now, it's 10pm, we are just getting a last drink and everyone is off to bed soon!


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