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Foundation Subjects

Welcome to the Summer Term 2:

Who Eats Who? 

In Science children will:

  •  Give examples of positive and negative ways in which humans can change the environment.
  • Develop an awareness of how to protect the environment.
  • Construct food chains for a particular habitat.
  • Investigate Where does all that food go?
  • Investigate What do animals eat?
  • Construct a variety of food chains.
  • Demonstrate understanding of the potential human impact on food chains in a UK habitat-  What happens when a food chain is broken? 


In History/Geography children will do a local study of Whitwell.


Art this term is Printing.


In Computing children will:

  • To find out what a simulation is and understand the purpose of a simulation.
  • To explore a simulation, making choices and discussing their effects
  • To work through and evaluate a more complex simulation
  • To enter data into a graph and ask questions
  • To solve an investigation and present the results in graphic form


In Music children will play instruments within a song.


In RE children will study: How and why do believers show their commitment during the journey of life?


In PSHE children will study: Bullying Matters

In French children will learn:  

  • Identify the names of animals
  • Recognise how to tell the time 
  • Describe where animals live
  • Describe animals
  • Improve pronunciation of words with the ‘oi’ sound. 
  • Write sentences using vocabulary learnt so far.


In SMSC (Social, cultural, spiritual and moral) children will learn about local village life.

  • Understand the importance of being part of different groups (Scouts, Brownies etc..)
  • Understand the importance of belonging to a community.
  • Advertise local traditions and clubs.