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Week 2







Look at this week’s spellings (Week 2) Look at the spelling rule read through the PowerPoint. Discuss any words you don’t know the meaning of.



Do this week’s spellings word search.

At the bottom of the page.


Recap this week’s spellings. Choose 5 of them and put them into interesting sentences. Remember to use as many skills as possible. This could be adjectives, conjunctions, question marks, exclamation marks, commas, apostrophes.


Complete the Look Cover Right check sheet for this week’s spellings


Do a spelling test on this week’s spellings.


Read the eBook at the bottom of the page called The Emperor’s New Clothes.

Retell the story to an adult.

Draw a picture of the emperor and put words around it to describe him.



Read one of your reading books. Write a summary of the story if it’s a fiction book or write five facts from the book if it is a non-fiction book.



Pages 10 – 13 of the reading SATs booklet.


Log in to Oxford Owl using our class log in which can be found on our class page.

Read Things That Sting and then play the activities that go with the book.



Listen to Dermot O’Leary read Charlie Cooks Favourite Book on BBC Bedtime stories.


Use this link


Page 16 - 19 Maths SATs Booklet



Page 66 + 67 in Maths SATs Booklet


Pages 42 + 43 in Maths SATs Booklet


Pages 90 +91 in Maths SATs Booklet


Play on Hit The Button. You can find this by Googling it. Work on number bonds and also time tables.


Look at the Swimming Pool Scene picture (found at the bottom of the page).

Write some sentences about the picture and the people in it. Make sure that in each sentence you use a conjunction.


Look at the picture again from yesterday.

Focus on two of the people in the picture, you are going to plan a story about these characters where one of them has an accident. See the planning prompts at the bottom of the page.


Think again about your ideas from yesterday for your swimming pool story. Draw four pictures to show the story from beginning to end. Make some notes to show what special words or phrases you are going to use. Try to include words with apostrophes from last week or some of your spelling words.


There is a planner at the bottom pf the page if it helps.



Using your plan from yesterday start to write your story.

Remember to have a build up at the start. Then the accident will happen in the middle. At the end everything will be OK maybe a character has to have a pot on for a few weeks.


Re-read what you wrote yesterday and then finish if you need to.

Edit your work – look for words that you could change for more interesting ones. Have you included apostrophes? What about the conjunctions you worked with at the start pf the week? Is your story interesting/ exciting? Does it make sense? Are there any words that you have spelt wrong that you know you shouldn’t have?



Many children across the country have been making Rainbows and putting them up in their window to show support for others. Why not make one yourself and put it somewhere others will see it? You could take a picture and send it to me!

If the weather is nice research bug hotels and go outside to make one.

Use this link to do Cosmic Kids Yoga on Youtube.

Get some shoes with laces. (They don’t have to be yours) and ask an adult to help teach you to tie shoe laces. There are lots of vidoes on Youtube that might help too.

Remember to keep practising!

Listen to some music and come up with your own workout routine to go with it. You could include star jumps, press ups, sit ups, skipping, hopping, bouncing. Try to choose a song that is upbeat and will get you moving rather than a slow song.