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Week beginning 18th May

Please continue to watch the YouTube videos from Ruth Miskin for phonics. Choose from Speed sounds set 2 or 3.

Remember you can also share your work, play and ideas with your friends on our class blog. Its has been great to see what you have been up to. You can also comment on each others posts on the blog to keep in touch.







All- this week we will be following the Oak National academy lessons for maths. Choose the correct year group and day from the link below.

FS2- Finding one less than a given number


Year 1- To apply knowledge of number bonds

FS2- Exploring one more and one less


Year1- To add two-digit numbers to ones

FS2- Investigating number combinations within 20


Year1- To subtract two-digit numbers and ones

FS2- A maths meeting!


Year1- To add two-digit numbers to ones with regrouping


FS2- Patterns and ordinal numbers


Year1- To subtract two-digit numbers and ones with regrouping

All- Read through your spellings and practise. Make sure you look for ‘special friends’.

All- Choose one of the video clips below and get to know the story. Look carefully at the settings and characters. Write some words to describe the setting and character for the video you choose.

All- spelling practise- print off the word search for your spellings and complete.

If you don’t have a printer you can practise your spellings by choosing 5 to write in a sentences.

All- Retelling the story. Re watch the video you chose on Tuesday. Retell the story in your own words.

You could then choose to write your story or make a video of you telling the story. Send your story or video to me to put on the website, or you could share in on our class blog.

All- Ask a grown up to test you on your spellings.


Choose a story from Oxford Owl to read and do the activities.

All- Choose a Cosmic kids yoga video to do from youtube.

All- Choose objects from around your home that would make good musical instruments. Play your instruments while you sing your favourite songs or nursery rhymes. You may even want to make a musical instrument out of junk and recycling.

All- Find out about two insects and make a fact file or poster. Find out what their habitat is, what they eat, how they move and what they look like.

All- Choose some Supermovers videos to get moving to.

All- Draw a garden showing the wildlife that visits- birds in the trees, frogs near the pond, bees and butterflies on the flowers.

Choose one of the videos below for your story this week.