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Easter holidays week 1

Hello everyone I know at this time Easter holidays may feel the same as every other time but please try and have fun. I have not done a timetable during the Easter holidays you can still use TTRockstars, Oxford Owls, Accelerator reading and Education City. However I have created a list of fun activities for Easter for you to choose from. I have added any necessary links at the bottom.
  • draw a simple Easter egg shape and make a decoration
  • have an Easter egg hunt in the garden using actual eggs or just drawings.
  • complete an Easter crossword or wordsearch
  • Learn the Easter story
  • Write a diary over Easter
  • Draw an Easter picture
  • Make secret Easter cards for your household and hide for them to find
  • Paint your families portraits
  • learn some jokes to tell -  have a performance
  • make a band from kitchen utensils and pots and pans
  • Read the Easter story I have put at the bottom
Play hide and seek with your chick friends