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We are very keen to get our children reading well at our school. To ensure our children have the skills to be able to decode any word they come across we use Read Write Inc to teach them phonics in a fun and easy way. You can support your child by asking them to have a go at reading their new book independently. As they go through the book they may find words they do not know and this is when you can support them by asking them to sound it out. Also ask them to look for any 'special friends' ask this will make sure they are seeing all the correct sounds. 'Special friends' are sounds with more than one letter e.g. 'nk, ch, sh, th, ng, qu' or split graphemes e.g. 'a_e, o_e, u_e'. 

   Phonics screening

Please make use of your child's Education city login too. This site has specific games to support Read Write Inc phonics.

There are many online games and activities that you can use for free. Here are a few that we use in class. Click on the images below.