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Easter holidays

Hi Cheeky Chimps!

The Easter holidays may feel very similar to your last two weeks at home but try to remember this is your holiday time.

You don't have to do any work but it is still a good idea to keep reading the books you have at home and looking at some websites like Education City and Oxford Owl.


Here are some ideas of Easter activities that you could try out and make.

Happy Easter smiley


1) Hard boil an egg and decorate it using paints or felt-tip pens. You could add other bits onto it to make a character.

2) Have an egg hunt around your house and garden. You could use real eggs, chocolate eggs or eggs that you have made out of paper. Hide them and then give some clues about where to find them.

3) Make an Easter or a Spring picture. You could post it or email it to someone special.

4) Bake some Easter buns and decorate them.

5) Make an Easter basket using an old box. You could use it to keep a teddy in.

6) 'Easter' starts with the letter 'e'. Can you think of anything else that starts with this letter. You could write the word using your phonics and draw a picture of it too.

7) Draw an egg shape and decorate it however you like.

8) Make some small egg pictures. Put the numbers 1 to 10 or 1 to 20 on them. Mix them up, then see if you can put them back in the right order.

9) Plant some flower seeds. Don't forget to water them!

10) Eat some yummy Easter chocolate!!