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Every few weeks we choose children from our class to be our


Whitwell's Outstanding Worker



17th June 2022

During our Health Promotion week we have taken part in lots of different activities. Natalie has been really enthusiastic all week and has loved being active.
We have discovered that Natalie has a special talent!
Not only can she hula hoop for a good length of time...she can hula hoop with 3 and 4 hoops at a time!!
This is definitely a WoW moment Natalie - well done!

Adeline's confidence has grown so much this year. She is a completely different girl now from the one who timidly walked through our door in September.
During our Health Promotion week we had an active workshop led by Carl. He picked Adeline to stand at the front of the hall to show everyone her moves. This was in front of all Nursery and Reception children and staff. She did this without any hesitation!
Congratulations on your second WoW this year Adeline - which you absolutely deserve!

25th May 2022

We are so pleased that Jack has been in our class this year. He works really hard and is always ready for a challenge. Jack is extremely well behaved and he is polite, kind and is a fantastic friend to everyone. 

Congratulations on your second, well deserved WoW this year, Jack!

Charlie's confidence has grown so much, especially over the last few months. He is now showing us how much is learning and remembering. He is also showing us his 'big voice' which is fantastic!

Well done Charlie!

6th May 2022

Elsie is such a delight to have in class. Her speech and language amaze us every day and she can hold a short two-way conversation, which is fantastic! Elsie is doing really well with her learning and she will happily complete a task with us. Elsie also has a lovely sense of humour and likes to make us laugh.

Well done on your Wow award this week Elsie!

We are so proud of how much Soraya is learning at the moment. She is concentrating really hard with her writing and it is becoming neater every day. Soraya is also a brilliant mathematician - she knows all the number bonds to 10 without using anything to help her to count!

Congratulations on your second WoW award this year Soraya!

25th March 2022

Hayden was chosen for WoW this week for improving so much in maths. He can recognise numbers and can do some simple addition. He has done some brilliant, independent work this week when measuring long and short items. He is becoming a great mathematician.

Well done Hayden!

We have chosen Oscar for a WoW award this week because of his much improved attitude in the classroom and towards his learning. He has settled quickly to do his work and has listened to what he has been asked to do. He has also started to blend sounds together to read words and has now got a reading book with words which is fantastic!

Keep it up Oscar - well done!

11th March 2022

We have chosen Natalie for a WoW award this week as she is working so hard in phonics and with her reading. She is showing us that she can concentrate and because of this Natalie is now blending sounds together and reading words. Brilliant Natalie - well done!

Malachi works so hard all of the time - he always tries his best. We are especially impressed with how well he is doing with his reading at the moment. Malachi can blend sounds together to read words using Fred Talk and he is becoming much more confident in class too.

Well done on your WoW award this week Malachi! 

This is Archie's second WoW award of the year and he absolutely deserves to have it.

Archie is working so hard with everything. His reading is just amazing at the moment and he is one of the loveliest friends. Archie is kind and helpful and is always smiling.

Congratulations Archie x

4th March 2022

Layla has really come out of her shell over the past few weeks. She is showing us her lovely sense of humour and is playing imaginatively with her friends. In phonics Layla is starting to blend sounds together to read words. we are so proud of you Layla and congratulations on your WoW this week!

We could honestly choose Elizabeth for our WoW every time. She has such as bubbly personality and she works hard all of the time. Elizabeth is a popular and kind friend and nothing is too much trouble for her.

Elizabeth has always got a smile on her face too!!

Well done on your WoW award Elizabeth!

11th February 2022

Congratulations on your WoW award this week Mya! 

Mya is a really kind and friendly girl who works hard all of the time. She is always smiley at school and is a really good friend. Everyone needs a Mya in their class smiley

Evie has grown so much in confidence since she started in Chestnut Champions, which is lovely. She now chats away and will sing and dance in front of the whole class. 

Well done on your WoW award this week Evie - it is very well deserved!

21st January 2022

Adeline's confidence is growing day by day. She is happy to answer questions and will talk in front of the class when asked. She will also sing a song with her friends. We are so proud of how you are growing Adeline smiley - Well done on a well deserved WoW!

Well done on getting a WoW this week! Isabella has been working very hard with Miss Mills on her confidence and finding her 'big voice' in school. She is chatting much more and is answering questions on the carpet too. Fantastic Isabella - Keep it up!

10th December 2021

Noah has settled really well into Chestnut Champions. He has made lots of new friends, who he plays cooperatively with. He is a very confident boy and he is trying hard with all of his learning. It's a pleasure to have you with us Noah - Congratulations on your WoW!

Well done on your WoW this week Leo!!

Leo has grown in confidence so much over the past few weeks. He always concentrates and listens well and he is learning so much in school. Leo is always well behaved and he is also kind and helpful. Keep it up Leo!

26th November 2021

This week we have chosen Kady to be one of our WoW children. Kady is now putting sounds together to read and write words. She concentrates so hard to write neatly and to sit her letters on a line. Kady is also really kind to her friends. We are so proud of her. 

We couldn't be more proud of how hard Henry is working at the moment - he really is a superstar!

Henry knows how to play nicely and share with his friends. He is doing amazingly well in phonics as he is learning and remembering lots of sounds. Well done on your WoW this week Henry!

12th November 2021

Oscar is always happy and bubbly in school with a great big smile on his face. We love how enthusiastic he has been when learning about Diwali and doing an experiment with 'Fizzy Fireworks'! Super Oscar.  

Harper is working so hard at her letters and reading - she has moved up a group in phonics and can now write her name independently! Gorgeous girl :) 

22nd October 2021

We are so proud of how Sebastian has settled into Chestnut Champions. He is super at remembering his phonics and has started to blend the sounds together to read some words. Fantastic!

Lylianne is trying so hard with absolutely everything. She is so enthusiastic with her learning and she is determined to learn how to write her name. Keep it up!

1st October 2021

Soraya has been absolutely brilliant this week. She has tried extremely hard, she has been focused on her jobs and has played and shared nicely with her friends. We are so proud of her!

We are so happy to have Archie in our class. He is always happy with a huge smile which brightens up our day. Archie is making lots of friends who he shares his play with. Well done Archie!

17th September 2021

Penny is very grown up and sensible and always well behaved. She likes to work hard and she concentrates so well in phonics and maths. We are very proud of you x

Jack is very grown up and sensible and he is always well behaved. He loves to be given work to do and he concentrates well, especially in phonics and maths. So very proud of you Jack x