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Every few weeks we choose children from our class to be our


Whitwell's Outstanding Worker



1st October 2021

Soraya has been absolutely brilliant this week. She has tried extremely hard, she has been focused on her jobs and has played and shared nicely with her friends. We are so proud of her!

We are so happy to have Archie in our class. He is always happy with a huge smile which brightens up our day. Archie is making lots of friends who he shares his play with. Well done Archie!

17th September 2021

Penny is very grown up and sensible and always well behaved. She likes to work hard and she concentrates so well in phonics and maths. We are very proud of you x

Jack is very grown up and sensible and he is always well behaved. He loves to be given work to do and he concentrates well, especially in phonics and maths. So very proud of you Jack x