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Work will be on fractions.




In mathematics the children will be following the Power Maths scheme. Mr Moore continues to teach the Year 5 children for mathematics and Mrs Plaister/Mrs Watts and Miss White will teach the Year 4 children for mathematics.


In Year 4 we will focus on fractions for our first topic this term. The children will learn to recognise tenths and hundredths, identify equivalent fractions, simplify fractions and look at fractions greater than one.


The children will continue to look at fractions as the term progresses. They will learn to add and subtract fractions with the same denominator. They will also look at subtracting a fraction from a whole amount. They will then understand how to find a fraction of an amount.


Their final topic for this term will be decimals. The children will explore tenths and hundredths as decimals. They will understand how to divide 1 and 2-digit numbers by 10 and 100. Finally, the children will complete calculations resulting in a decimal answer. 


For more information on the mathematics topics taught in Year 5 please visit Mr Moore's class page.

Homework will be sent home each Thursday and will generally be based around the work covered during the previous week.  Please support your child where possible and encourage them to be resilient and to persevere even if the challenge seems difficult.  Of course the adults around school are happy to help and will provide additional support with homework should your child need it.