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Year 6

Year 6 home learning - w.b.12.7.21

Here is the work for the whole week for Year 6 children working at home. The English and Maths lessons are at the top, please scroll down for afternoon work for each day. 


English every day – spellings and read to an adult.

For spelling I have attached the word list and some activities. Complete an activity each day. Please test your child on Friday.


I have unlocked a book on Purple Mash and set tasks for each day. Read a chapter each day and then complete the activities.

Maths every day – ten minutes Times table Rockstars.


Please click the worksheets below on converting units of time and timetables – one for each day. Year 6 children should complete the three star sheets, answers are included in some of these sheets. If three star is too hard, look at the two star sheets.


Monday – PE – Carry on with our Travel to Tokyo work – Australia - Play a traditional game – from your own culture. See if you can play a game traditional to your culture. To get started: find out what older people in your culture played when they were young. Think about the games you play in the playground or at home. Get active in the house or garden.

French – see activities set to do on Purple Mash on animals.

Tuesday – Science – Life cycle of insects – research the life cycle of one of the following: Butterfly, ladybird, dragonfly or Goliath Beetle. Present your findings as a poster or a Powerpoint (log into Teams for free Word and Powerpoint – please share your work with me.)

Wednesday – Computing - go back and work through the coding games that we were doing last term or use a spreadsheet to plan your own party like we did in class last week. I have attached the spreadsheet if you would like to do this.


Find out more about Fair trade – share your findings on Word or Powerpoint with me.


PE – Organise a mini sports day in your house or garden. Think about games which involve throwing, catching, running and jumping. Your family could split into teams and award points. Who will win?

Here are some ideas:

Create a leader board or get the kids to create one using a piece of card or paper and coloured pens.

 Now comes the important part - deciding on what races you’d like to host. You could do:

    • The egg and spoon race – a classic sports day event and one that every home has the equipment for, but don’t forget to hard-boil your eggs, you don’t want egg yolk all over the house or garden. You could use potatoes as an alternative.
    • Running race - set up a track that goes around your garden or house.
    •  The three-legged race - use some old ties lying around the house or even scarves that have been stored away for winter to tie legs together – easy!
    • An obstacle course – the perfect event to use your imagination! The course can be made up of anything, from jumping over household items or crawling under duvets, to doing cartwheels or walking with a beanbag on your head – the possibilities are endless.

Reward your winners! You could make your own medals – card and tin-foil work well. You could even keep it simple and present award winners with some tasty treats. Have fun!



Please email any completed work to