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In term 1 we will be learning about Information texts. We will read and write captions, lists, labels and questions. There will be a strong focus on sentence structure, making sure we use the correct punctuation and check that what we have written makes sense. 


We will also be learning how to form letters using a lead-in for pre-cursive handwriting. 


Phonics and Reading


At Whitwell Primary School we teach reading using the synthetic phonics scheme 'Read Write Inc'. The journey to become a reader begins in Nursery, where children learn about images and sounds and how they relate to each other. As children move into Reception they begin more formal teaching of phonics, now linking letters to sounds (Grapheme, Phoneme Correspondence). They also learn how these combine to make words and how words are used to make sentences that have meaning. 


Reading books are introduced during Reception and as the children grow in confidence, knowledge and understanding these books become more complex and challenging. Books are normally changed once a week, when children have read their book several times and built good fluency.