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Y6 05-01-21

Y6 Home Learning Week 1 05-01-21











Argument Unit.

Live Lesson @9.30am

Comprehension Book 2 p14

Edible Cutlery







Modal Verbs – Sheet

If sentences and Modal Verbs.

Could, would, should, might, may, shall, must, can, will.

Followed by Activity Sheet with pictures. If you can’t print draw a small picture and then write your modal verbs sentences next to it.

Picture activity sheet from yesterday. Please make sure you have completed 10 pictures and sentences to go with them about how you could/would/should use the objects.




Spelling Twinkl activity- wordsearch activity link to open

Look , Cover, Say, Write, Check activity

Spelling Test – you need a helper to call them out in a random order and then to mark them. Do in your red book




Times tables rock stars – at least 10 games (5 must be garage)



Complete pages p96 &97

Co-ordinates from your maths booklet. 

Remember along the corridor and up or down the stairs.

Times tables rock stars – at least 10 games (5 must be studio)



Live Lesson @ 11.00am  Power Math Unit 6 lesson 3 intro then

complete pages p98 & 99

Translation from your maths booklet. 

Translation means move the shape but keep it in the same orientation.

Times tables rock stars – at least 10 games (5 must be garage)



Complete pages p100 & 101

Reflection from your maths booklet. 

Find a small mirror to help you reflect them if you need to.

Geography/ Science/ PSHE



Art – Research the artist Carl Warner.


You are going to watch the video clip and then try to find some pictures of his work and cut and paste the ideas into a word document. (Like a mood board)

Science – The focus is comparing and grouping types of materials.

Follow the sheet – challenge 1. Are these Materials Solids/liquids or gases? If you can’t print then write a list in your book.

Answer the questions on the sheet.

2. Write the property definition list and make sure you know what they mean.

Science – continued from yesterday.

Compare and Contrast Grid

Find a series of objects in your home or garden that match the definitions and write them or draw your own table to show how they match.

      PE – Go out for some fun in the garden