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Maths and English


In Maths this term we will be continuing our work on addition and subtraction. We will be learning how to add a two digit number and ones and subtract ones from a two digit number. We will explore different methods of working and select one that we find easiest to use.

After this we will move onto larger number - adding and subtracting two 2-digit numbers using the same methods we learnt earlier in the term.

This towards the end of this unit we will look at how to apply our methods for addition and subtraction to solving word problems.



In English we will be looking at playscripts and stories with themes of honesty and friendship. We will explore how characters feelings and thoughts are shown through their actions. After reading playscript, picking them apart and learning about their layout we will write our own short play with a similar theme to those we have read.

Through out this unit we will be learning about apostrophes, adjectives, nouns and different sentence types.



Don't forget to use Education City to practise your English and Maths skills at home.

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