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Bethany is amazing!


She has been working really hard recently on her maths to ensure she is Y6 ready for September. Mrs Tweddle is delighted with her positive attitude and her ability to show improvement! Well done!


Also, she is a super-star reader and has a very high ZPD for her age. She has been reading and quizzing school books but also books from home and scoring really well.


Keep up the smile and positivity Bethany! 


Jacob has deserved the WOW for a while and I have been holding out to see if he could carry on making good progress - and he has!!


This term, he has done his best ever independent writing - he really likes to persuade!! It shows me exactly what can do - well done!


Also, since September he has continually improving his reading. I promised him I would move him up if he read a few more books. He has and is now on stage 10, within his ZPD. This is fabulous!! 


So all in all, a truly deserved WHITWELL OUTSTANDING WORKER!