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Thursday - golf and Carisbrooke Castle.


It was another bright start as we set off just down the road to Shanklin to play crazy pirate golf.


The children organised their own groups of 5 and each started off. They were brilliant and most showed great sportsmanship. We joked about today being the biggest 'PE day' with golf, a long uphill walk to the sweet shop and then the climbing the ramparts at the castle. As it turned out we ended the day with another long walk due to the weather turning windy, overcast and finally to rain.


Again, food was plentiful with loads of cereal, beans or scrambled egg, extra toast for breakfast.

Costa, ice-cream and some cakes at golf.

Sandwiches, crisps, chocolate bars, fruit and loads of sweets for lunch.

Then pizza, hotdogs and chips for tea.


So then at the castle we switched to history. The children were really interested in Charles 1st and his daughter, again asking thoughtful questions in the museum, some dressing up in the tower and marveling at the walls, the moat and the defences from the height of the castle. The view was great too!


After tea, it was too rough to go in the water. So back to PE with digging, football, running, walking and just playing on the now damp sand.


Everyone is now showered, packed and is playing UNO or Headbandz with an adult or just chatting with their friends.


See you all soon!



Carisbrooke Castle