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Megan is a triple WOW!

1. Her amazing attitude to class work - she is a super sponge and absorbs new knowledge and learning, showing willingness to include this in her work every lesson. She is a brilliant child to teach and is so positive and friendly as well.

2. Megan has represented school at every occasion - most recently for swimming and is also going to Young Voices in May.

3 WOW for the Triathlon competition - from Mrs Plaister and Mrs Duncan for the spirit of the games award in her team.


George is working really hard towards his Y6 SATs.


He has been making really good progress in maths and his scores keep on improving each time we do an assessment.

He has been completing homework efficiently and ready for his Booster group.


I'm sure all this hard work will pay off for him!


Holly represented our school at the Cluster, District and finally the County level in Cross Country.

She is one of only 2 children that have ever achieved so much at such a young age!


We are all inspired by her talents and hope she will consider taking part again next year!


Well done Holly - keep on running.....