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The children will be following the Power Maths scheme. Miss White will be teaching the Year 4 children maths and Mrs Plaister/Mrs Watts and Miss Webster will be teaching the Year 3 children maths.


In Year 4  the children will work on time, angles and shapes then statistics.

In Year 3 the children will work on time shape and statistics.


Multiplication Check

The Year 4 children will complete a times table test in June 2023. The test will test all of the children's times tables up to the 12 times table. There will be 25 random multiplication questions that the children will have 6 seconds to answer. The children are aiming to get all 25 correct. We will be helping the children to achieve this at school but any additional help and support with improving your child's times tables at home would be extremely beneficial. Times Table Rockstars is a really useful website to support times table practise and the website link to this is below.