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Our WOW nominations for this week 16/10/20

Hugo achieved a WOW for his fantastic enthusiasm in English this week when learning and writing about space research.
Che received a WOW for really impressing me in maths lessons. She is always working hard and reaching the challenges. She has also moved to be a free reader and is really enjoying reading and testing her books more often.

Our WOW nominations for this week (02/10/20)

Oliver is my first WOW nomination for this week as he always tries his best in every subject. He is so polite and caring to others. He has really impressed me this week in English lessons with his understanding of speech marks.
Mia is my second nomination for WOW this week. She works hard all of the time. She has grown in confidence this year and is starting to ask and answer lots more questions in class. She is helpful, kind and caring to others.