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Each week there will be maths homework linked to previous learning. The maths homework will be given out in a folder, which can be handed in as soon as it is completed. Maths homework runs from Wednesday to Wednesday. Completing this homework will earn 10 Wellians.



For reading homework, I ask that children read at least twice a week at home and that this is recorded by an adult in their diary. Completing this homework will earn 10 Wellians each week.

If children are reading at home more than this then they receive an extra Wellian for each time they read.



Each week there are 10 spellings to learn. 

These are all Year Two spellings patterns or common exception words. 

In class each week we will read and learn these words, look at spelling rules and break the words down to help with spelling them. Spelling homework runs from Friday to Friday when we will have our weekly spelling test. Completing this homework will earn 10 Wellians. They will also get one Wellian for each correct spelling. There can be 20 Wellians a week just for spelling!