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Y5 Summer 2 Week 5 29-06-20

Y5 plan Week 5 29-06-20

Hi Year 5 - hope you are all ok and enjoying this lovely Science topic and History Unit as much as we are!!


Home Learning Y5 w/c 29-06-2020












Year 5 English – target practice work book – p34 and 35.


Write a play script – use the features of a play script. 


Use inspiration from either:

  • Jane Goodall and life as a female scientist, or
  • New role of women in the work force in WW2


Formal and informal


Year 5 English – target practice work book – 86 and 87.


Write an informal letter to a friend or family member you haven’t seen in a while.


Write a formal letter to a teacher or member of staff who you have not seen in a while. 






Publish letters on school blog.



Twinkl Y6 English/Maths Booklet p16

Mr Whoops Spelling mistakes.

Use the Y5/6 Spelling mat to help yourself!




Twinkl Y6 English/Maths Booklet p19-20 is the information. Do Clue 4 & 5



Follow the Powerpoint and practise the words then handwrite the 10 new words in home learning book

Synonyms and antonyms


Spelling twinkl activity - Crack the Code

Spelling sentences

Spelling twinkl activity- Wordsearch

Spelling Test – you need a helper to call them out in a random order and then to mark them.




Year 5 maths – target practice work book – p72 and 73.




Year 5 maths – target practice work book – p74 and 75


Equivalent and Imperial Units of Measure


Year 5 maths – target practice work book – p76 and 77


Measurement Word Problems


Year 5 maths – target practice work book – p78 and 79




Year 5 maths – target practice work book – p96 and 97



Go back to the Role of Women Work from last week.

Finish any persuasive leaflets.

Then focus on how the role of women changed after the war.

Powerpoint slides 16&17

Draw a picture of a 1940’s woman in her modern clothing.

The Role of Women


Complete the comparison activity sheet.






Science – Comparing lifecycles.

Follow the powerpoint and draw and label the parts of the egg.

Draw the life cycle of a bird.

Follow the powerpoint from slide 9 and begin to plan your own newsreport about lifecycles.

Record your Springwatch style Newsreport on a device and email to us so we can watch you!