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When did it happen?


This term in History, we will be learning about dinosaurs. We will find out how they lived, what they ate, when they died out and what it was that killed them. We will also discover how we know so much about them and what sources we have to help us find out more.



This term in Science, we are learning about the five senses and how they help us to understand the world around us. We will also be finding out what healthy means and how we can keep our body healthy and clean.



In Design and Technology this term we will be looking at and tasting a range of healthy foods to design and make our own healthy pizza or fruit kebab. We will learn key skills to help prepare food.


In computing the term we will be learning how to log on and off and how important passwords are. We will look at safety rules when using laptops and naming parts of a computer.

E-safety is taught through computing each term.



In music this term we will be covering the unit 'Hey You!' The children will learn to listen carefully and appraise a range of songs. They will clap a rhythm and perform as a group.


In PSHE this term we will be learning about drugs, medicines and how to stay well and happy. We will discuss how it feels to be ill and how to feel better. We will also discuss different medicines and what to do if they find something unsafe.