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Week 13 07.07.2020






Read through your spellings.


Practise your spellings using look, cover, write, check.

EducationCity – My Homework

Activity 1 – Clicky Business

Activity 2 – Bonds, Number Bonds

Ask a grown up to test you on your spellings. Write them in your red book.

Come and play a game with numbers – Adding and subtracting up to 20.

Can you play another numbers game?

Depth of numbers.


More number games to play!

Adding and subtracting up to 20 – part 2.

What is the Hungry Caterpillar doing with numbers?

Have a look at Depth of numbers – part 2 to find out.

Let’s finish off our week with a few more number games.

Adding and subtracting up to 20 – part 3.

Come and meet a superhero and answer some questions!

Look at Answer a question below.

Listen to the story Supertato and have a go at designing you own superhero.

Look at Story map below.

Let’s see how much of the story you can remember from yesterday.


Click on Writing a sentence – part 1. Can you try your best at writing a part of the story?


Click on Writing a sentence – part 2. How will your story end?