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Y6 01-03-21











Live Lesson 9.30am

All Angel Falls

All Zeus


Use are still using the Wonderful Wizards Pack, we are going to use this all week. You don’t need to print it!


P 13-15

Weasel Phrases

Imperative Verbs

Writing leading questions

Alliteration intro


Use are still using the Wonderful Wizards Pack, we are going to use this all week. You don’t need to print it!




Design your own School.


Read the information – design in rough (you might need to do  2 or 3 designs first) and then draw a birds eye view of your school on squared paper. You can cut some out of your maths book and then glue it in your English book.





Live Lesson


All Artemis

All Zeus

We are still using the Wonderful Wizards Pack, we are going to use this all week. You don’t need to print it!




Now advertise your school – planning stage.


You do need to complete all the steps in the planning!



Make me want to join your school!


Wonderful Wizards p18




Boastful language

Imperative Verbs

Use of rhetorical questions



All the writing features you know:

Conjunctions – including because

Complex sentences

Relative clauses-- ,,()

Relative pronouns

Passive sentence

Modal Verbs



Please handwrite this and send some photos to us of you dressed up and of your writing.

Remember we will hopefully get this work form you next week to mark it!


Live Lesson 9.30am

All Angel Falls



Catch up


If you need time to then finish off, edit and improve your writing.




P22 & 23

Write your own potion poem.

My Wonderful Wizard Potion.


P15 – The alliteration game.

Purple Mash – 2Do 

Magic School. 


Relative Clauses – you have to drag the statements and follow the instructions 





New Spellings –handwriting of each word three times.


Words with endings with a ‘shul’ sound after a consonant

Write each spelling word into a sentence.

Spelling twinkl activity- Code Word Puzzle Unscramble


Use PDF Extra like last week to help you write on the document.



Look , Cover, Say, Write, Check activity

 Spelling test – please ask an adult to test you!


Times tables rock stars – at least 10 games (5 must be garage)



Purple Y6 Maths Book

P96 & 97 co-ordinates

(Along the corridor and up or down the stairs) revisited


P98 & 99 translation revisited (Cha Cha slide!!)




Live Lesson 11am

All Y6 – Mrs Anderson

Complete the worksheet – you do not need to print, you can do it in your book.


Forming Equations


Times tables rock stars – at least 10 games (5 must be garage)




Twinkl Arithmetic Test 5


Come back at 215 this afternoon to mark this with Mrs Tomlinson



Live Lesson 11am

All Artemis

All Zeus

All Angel Falls


World Book Day Menu


Spend some time discussing the activities with your teacher and then choose 3 that you would like to do for the rest of the day. 1 now until dinner and 2 for this afternoon

Times tables rock stars – at least 10 games (5 must be garage)


Solve simple 1-step equations


Geography/ Science/ PSHE

Rivers- research a World River and decide how you would like to present the information.  

You should find out about: 

The river 

The animals 

The cities along the river 

Any other amazing facts about the River 



 Your work can be art/ computing/ on purple mash/ a poster etc... 

Click the link to the school website to find out information about rivers. You can also find your own websites. 


PE – We are starting a new block on orienteering when you start back. 

So familiarise yourself with points of the compass. 

Go in your garden or to the park and plan a course directing someone from one point to another. How many steps? Which direction are you going? Are there any obstacles? Make sure the directions are really clear! 

Write the instructions in your book or take photos. 



Design and Technology 


(PDF slides and work available on the website) 

Think about the types of burger patties you have tried. Patties can be made different ways and from different ingredients.  Look at pictures of a chicken, beef, lamb, pork and vegetarian patty and think and guess what they are made from.  


Different burgers are made with different ingredients and can be cooked in different ways: pan-fried, grilled, oven-baked and steamed. We want you to mix and cooking burger patties today.  


Go through the slides showing step-by-step images and instructions on how to make beef patties, vegetarian patties and turkey patties. You can click each option depending on what you want to demonstrate. 


Children to cook their burgers, taking care when using a hot stove. 

Children to make their burger patties and then fill in the evaluation card while their patties are cooking. 

Continue with your World Book Day Activities chosen this morning 


Spend this afternoon finishing off any work that you have left, haven’t finished off or haven’t done! All the work for all weeks is still on all three class pages. 

SEE YOU NEXT WEEK – with your home learning pack please. You need to bring back all the books, work and whiteboards etc that you took home. 




Live Lesson 2.30pm

All Artemis

All Angel Falls

All Zeus


Catch up time with Class Novel

Live Lesson 2.15pm

All Y6 – Mrs Tomlinson

Mark the maths paper – you should have completed it in 30 minutes this morning!

Can you beat your score from last time?



Wizards Pack