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Y6 25-01-21









Live Lesson 9.30am

All Artemis

All Angel Falls

All Zeus

Explanations – Holding back the River – Dams. Links to Topic work on Rivers. Use the lesson powerpoint to teach how a dam works, where famous dams are and let the children discuss and explore their understanding of what dams are for and can do.

Show them pictures of Ladybower dam in Derbyshire and also of the Thames Barrier.

Ask the children to think how this information could be shown or used in an explanation.


Watch through the powerpoint again making some notes.

There is also an additional Powerpoint about Thames Barrier/Ladybower and info.

Watch this to learn about the features of an explanation text.





Over these two hours


Take a page of your purple book for each dam!


Read the notes sheets about the Hoover Dam, the Aswan Dam and the Three Gorges dam. Then use ICT to research The Thames Barrier and Ladybower Dam. These might help but you will find lots out there!


Live Lesson 9.45am

All Artemis

All Angel Falls

All Zeus


Sharing our facts – and ‘magpieing’ ideas. Bring your Eng/Geog work from the week.

We will think of some question Titles for our explanations.


Writing passive sentences

You need your whiteboard!


Spelling scores – make sure that you do that first thing!


Class Novel







Passive Sentences


New Spellings –handwriting of each word three times.

‘Word Families’

Write each spelling word into a sentence.

Spelling twinkl activity- Crossword Activity Sheet

Look , Cover, Say, Write, Check activity

Spelling Test – you need a helper to call them out in a random order and then to mark them.


Times tables rock stars – at least 10 games (5 must be garage)


White Rose Resources

Fractions to decimals (1)



Complete the worksheet – you do not need to print, you can do it in your book.

Live Lesson 11am

All Y6 - Mrs Anderson

Times tables rock stars – at least 10 games (5 must be garage)


White Rose Resources

Fractions to decimals (2)

Times tables rock stars – at least 10 games (5 must be garage)


White Rose Resources

Understanding Percentages

Live Lesson All Y6 11am  - Mrs Tomlinson


Times tables rock stars – at least 10 games (5 must be studio)


White Rose Resources

Fractions to percentages

Times tables rock stars – at least 10 games (5 must be garage)


White Rose Resources

Equivalent fractions, decimals, percentages


Geography/ Science/ PSHE

Reading comprehension

Book One p 6 – explanation text

Born on a Blue Day

Just Dance – even if the weather is bad we can have some fun. Click on the links for the Just Dance videos.

Waka Waka – when they make a bicycle pretend to ride a bike around the room or just carry on dancing!

Dance Monkey -




Live Lesson 1.30pm

Y6 -  All Mrs Anderson

Y5 – All Mr Moore

RE  - with Mrs BG and Mrs Anderson involved

Class teachers in class too.

What is a place of worship? What is it for?  On your whiteboard jot down answers for the question.

Do you know the names of any places of worship or features of religious building?

After the lesson:

Choose three of the features of places of worship that we have discussed and explain what they are. Explain how these features help people to worship.


Live Lesson 2pm

All Artemis

All Angel Falls

All Zeus


A shelf has collapsed in the school storeroom and several of the containers  full of dried materials have been tipped out and mixed together. The caretaker, intending to help, has made things worse by sweeping up all the remains, including the odd dead spider, and putting them into a box. Ask: Can you use your science knowledge to help sort out the mess?

Your teacher will model the experiment with ideas from you and then you will need to write up the experiment like we did before. Again, you could write in your book or use the 2Do set on Purple Mash. Don’t forget to HAND IT IN. If you write it in your book you need to include: Title, Prediction, Equipment, Method, Results, Conclusion.

Can you make your own mixture and separate it out?

Please send us a photo of you can!

Please spend this afternoon catching up with unfinished work or any work you have missed or that you have been asked to edit.


This could be on purple mash – adventure stories, branching science diagrams or the 2 science investigations.


On PowerPoint through microsoft 365 – the Carl Warner River


On Word or 2write on purple mash the school uniform balance argument.


PSHE –  from the snow day – emotion pictures.


Anything on 365 can be shared directly by clicking share and starting to type our names.


Live Lesson 2.30pm

All Artemis

All Angel Falls

All Zeus


Catch up time with Class Novel

 PE  - Please go outside for some exercise 30 mins.