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Our first topic title is...

How do eyes see?

Our first topic in science is light. The children will learn that dark is the absence of light and identify different sources of light. They will learnt that light is needed in order to see things. The children will investigate which surfaces reflect light. We will learn how shadows are formed and how they can be changed. Finally, we will discuss ways to protect ourselves from the light from the sun.


Our first History topic is all about Ancient Egypt. The children will learn about the River Nile and the importance of burial for the Ancient Egyptians. The children will discover more about hieroglyphics and the Gods worshipped in Ancient Egypt. The children will explore more about Tutankhamun. The children will examine artefacts to learn more about Ancient Egypt.
In Computing the children will learn to code and control using scratch software to create a game.
In art the children will use inspiration from the ceramicist Lucie Rie to use clay techniques to design and create a model Canopic jar.
In music the children will learn to play the glockenspiel.

In PSHE the children will discuss changes that happen in their life. They will celebrate their strengths and qualities. The children will learn about the names of body parts.

In SMSC the children will learn about inequality involving food and hunger.

In French the children will learn to speak, listen to, read and write French greetings and numbers to 10.