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Week 13









9.20 – 9.40

Shared Reading


Our book for this week is called ‘Charlie the Firefighter’

Please read and enjoy the story.



Reading – myON


Remember you now have to log into this site using the detail son our class page.


Read the book ‘Firefighter to the rescue around the world’


It’s on AR so you can test on it after reading. There is now a button after treading that you can click to make this faster.




Complete the comprehension ‘What does a Firefighter do?’

Reading – myON


Login as before and search for today’s book ‘staying safe around fire’


It’s on Accelerated Reader so you can test on it after reading.

Reading - myON


Use the myON link to look for today’s book

‘Scarlett the cat to the rescue Fire Hero’


It’s also on Accelerated Reader so you could test on it after reading.



    1. - 10.30




Keep this week’s story open to help you answer the comprehension questions.



Look through the PowerPoint for this week’s spellings




Do this week’s spellings word search.

At the bottom of the page.


 Describe Charlie


Use the template to describe what Charlie is like and what her job is like.



Acrostic Poem


Write an acrostic poem about Firefighters. Remember each line doesn’t have to be really long. An acrostic poem is one where each line with starts with each letter of the word. Don’t forget to spend time decorating your work and making it look nice.




Complete the Look Cover Right check sheet for this week’s spellings.




Read the information on Firefighters and then one of the templates to show information about firefighters. You could also use anything you have learnt this week form the books you have read.

The information and templates are set out in three different levels, you decide which level would be best for you.






Do a Spellings test



A letter to Charlie


Imagine you are one of the children form Tulip class. Write a letter to Charlie thanking her for allowing you visit the station. Remember to say which bit you enjoyed the most and maybe tell her some of the other things you have learnt during the week.

It might be useful to re-read the story first.

10.30 – 11.00




11.00 – 12.15

Reasoning Cards.


Have a go at the challenge cards based around this week’s story. You can do them in any order but remember, the more stars it has, the harder it is.

Using a ruler


Can you draw ladders that are the correct size? Use a ruler to draw the ladders for Charlie accurately.

 Word Problems


Have a go at answering the word problems that are all based around this week’s story.

Number Bonds


Cut the additions and match the to the correct number.

There are three sheets in school we will be aiming to complete at least two.

Education City

Log in and play the games:

Calculation Station

Sten’s Party

Trug Life

And any others that you like the look of. Maybe play hit the button too.

12.15 – 1.15


Afternoon Sessions


1.15 - 2.00



 2.00 – 2.15


2.15 - 3.15



Fire Safety


Look through the PowerPoint about fire safety.

The most important things about fire safety is to check fire alarms, have a plan to escape and a meeting place. Ask an adult to check the fire alarms in your house and make a fire escape plan along with a meeting place where everyone will be safe.




Stop, Drop and Roll


Research or talk to an adult about Stop. Drop and Roll.

There is a sing in youtube here:


After you understand the idea of Stop, Drop and Roll create a poster that shares the information with others.




When I Grow Up


Look through the PowerPoint explaining lots of different jobs you might want to do when you grow up. then there are two task for you to have a go at. One is a poem and the other is about what you think you would like to do when you are older.




Solo Balloon Volleyball


We loved playing this so much in school the children have asked to play again.

We popped lots of balloons though!

Set up a ribbon to act as a net and blow up a balloon for a ball. Then challenge yourself to play volleyball—on both sides of the net! Hit the balloon up and over the ribbon, then scoot under to hit it from the other side, and so on until the balloon wafts to the ground.





Have a look at the ideas on the PowerPoint or get your own ideas from the internet and create a firefighter inspired piece of art. You could use a computer if you don’t have enough craft things at home or just draw a picture.