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In Year 2 there are three pieces of homework to complete each week:


Reading – Reading homework is to read twice a week at home on two different days. Please sign your child’s reading diary and jot down any notes. Reading homework runs from Wednesday to Wednesday. Children are paid 10 Wellians for completing their homework and an additional 1 Wellian for each time they read over the expected two.


Maths – Each week children will bring home a piece of Maths homework that is linked to what we have been covering in class. Maths homework runs from Thursday to Thursday and children are paid 10 Wellians on completion.


Spelling – Children will get 10 spellings a week to learn. Spelling homework runs from Friday to Friday. Children are asked to write 5 sentences each containing one (or more) of their spellings. Children are paid 10 Wellians for completed homework and 1 Wellian for each correct spelling on the test.


Any uncompleted homework results in a 5 Wellian fine.