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Week 6 11.05.2020


Welcome to another week of home learning!

Please have a go at some of the activities and keep your brain working ready for when we get back to school.

Don't forget to send me some photos of your work and of the fun things you are doing too.

Missing you more and more xx

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Read through your spellings.

Look out for the red word.


Practise your spellings

using look, cover, write, check.

EducationCity - My


Activity 1 - Snug as a bug

in a tub.

Ask a grown up to test you on your spellings.

Write them in your red book.

Look at Counting to 10 below. Can you make a 10 frame and find 10 things to put on it?

EducationCity - My Homework

Activity 1 - Sten by Ten

Activity 2 - Fruit Frenzy

Look at Counting on below and complete the 2 tasks. Ask a grown up to help you to play a game with a number line to 10 and a dice. Put a small toy on any number and roll the dice to count on.

Look at the Outdoors numbers to 10 below.

Can you find things outside to make your own numbers?

if the weather isn't very good you could try and make them with things from around your house.

Have a look at the Maths Challenge picture below.

Talk to a grown up about how you will work this out.

Look at the Treasure Hunt sheet below.

Have a go at reading the words and then finding the things on the list.

(I pinched this idea from Lucy J. - thank you Lucy x).


We are all missing our friends at the moment.

Draw a picture of you with your friends.

Write your name, your friend's name and a short sentence telling us what you like about them.

  Draw a picture and write a sentence telling us what you have liked doing at home.


Counting to 10

Counting on

Outdoors numbers to 10

Maths Challenge

Treasure Hunt