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Junior has worked so hard throughout the year but particularly since Easter.

He is so determined to do his best.

He has improved his handwriting and can now produce twice as much written work in a lesson than he could at the start of the year.

Junior joins in 100% in group activities and PE and no teacher could ask for more! Well done!


Aiden truly deserves this WOW - for Whitwell Outstanding Worker.

All year he has been determined to improve himself and has given so much into all subjects in school.

He has made amazing progress from September to now. He acknowledges how much more he now knows!

Even though maths is his favourite he has been willing to work really hard in English and has made good progress with writing.

I know he is ready for secondary school as he has matured a lot this year!

Well done!


Erin - well what can I say?

Always friendly, polite, smiley, helpful and thoughtful - a pleasure to have seen Erin thrive over the last two years!

Sometimes she doubts herself - she really shouldn't as she has worked so hard and is definitely ready to take on the move to Heritage and learn new subjects in a new way.

Good Luck Erin - you will do so well!