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Week beginning 25th January 2021

Welcome to Week 4

Please look at the activities and don't forget to send me some evidence that you are having a go at some of them.

I love to see your photographs.

If you have any questions or you send an email this week could you please send it to 

Thank you!


Reading Challenge

Watch the story 'Snowball'

Tell a grown up what happens to Snowball in the story.

What do you like to do in the snow? Have you made a snowball before? 



Maths Challenge

Snowballs are round like a ball. Can you draw lots of circles that look like snowballs?


Reading Challenge

Listen to the story again. What are some of the things that Snowball picks up as he is rolling down the hill?


Creative challenge

Make a winter collage. Can you collect things that are blue and white to make a wintery picture? You could use paper, card, cotton wool or old packaging.





Maths Challenge

Try to draw a snowman. Give him,

1 carrot nose

2 eyes

3 buttons

Can you give him a hat and scarf too? 


Physical Challenge

Join Joybob the polar bear for some Cosmic Yoga




Mark Making Challenge

Can you make marks on paper to look like snowflakes?


Can you find 5 things that are blue and five things that are white?



Phonics Challenge

Can you find things at home or when you go for a walk that start with 't' sound?