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In Science this term we will be learning about materials. We will name a range of common materials and describe and sort them according to their physical properties. We will discuss, identify and compare the suitability of each material to fulfil a certain job based on its properties e.g. waterproof.

Finally we will investigate how the shapes of some materials can be changed by squashing, bending, twisting and stretching.



In History this term we will be looking at the lives of two famous space explorers, Neil Armstrong and Tim Peake. We will find out who they are and what they did that was historically significant. We will find out about the first moon landing and what it was like for them in Space. 








In DT this term we will be using textiles. We will design, measure and join fabric together using different techniques, including sewing. 



In Computing we will be learning how to use technology to communicate safely. We will learn what emails are and how they are used and even have our own class email address so that parents are able to email us as a class.

We will learn the importance of e-safety and how to log in and out of a range of online tools so that they have independent access to them throughout the year.



Our PSHE the term is all about 'Exploring Emotions'. We will be discussing our wide range of emotions and how we show them in different ways and what this looks and feels like. We will also think about why we need to share how we feel.



This term our music topic is 'In the Groove'. Children will learn one song in six different musical styles. 



Below are the knowledge organisers for this term. The knowledge organisers show a brief overview of the topics that we are covering in our Science and History lessons this term.