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Week beginning 23rd March

Year 1



       Wednesday         Thursday               Friday          

Read through the spelling

powerpoint. Discuss the

spelling pattern and any

words you do not know.

Read one of your books

from school.

Write a sentence for  each 

of the 10 spelling words.

Play 'I Spy' with your family

Ask a grown up to

test you on your spellings

Write a description of

your favourite animal.

Your can write about its

appearance, behaviour

and even its classification-

mammal, insect, reptile,

amphibian, bird, fish.

Write a sentence about

your favourite part of the


Animal detective-

Education city


Year 1

You have learned the

location of the continents,

can you find the

names of the oceans and

seas around the world?

Draw your house

and draw all the people

who live there with you.

Play hit the button on

Topmarks. Use the setting

for number bonds

making 10.

Write all the number

bonds that make 10.

Write them in a

systematic way so you

don't miss any out.

Play number fact

families on


Play Alien addition

on Topmarks

Practise reading and

writing numbers to 20

as words.


Foundation Stage 2

Monday              Tuesday             Wednesday             Thursday                   Friday         

Read through your

spellings and look for

the special friends.

Read through one of

your school reading

books. Ask a grown

up to ask you some

questions about it.

Put each of your

spellings into a

sentence. Think it, say

it, write it!

Play Hanging monkeys

on Topmarks

Ask a grown up to

test you on your


Go on a shape hunt

around your house

to find and name 3D


Draw a shape picture

using objects from

around the house.

Farm Frenzy-

Education city

science FS2

Play Museum of 10

on Topmarks

Practise writing

numbers to 10 as

digits and words 

Draw your favourite

animals and write a

sentence about them.

Can you remember

all the continents?

Have a look at a world

map and see!

Using water and

a paintbrush, paint a

picture of and animal

outside and see if

your family can guess

what it is. Get them

to ask you questions

to help them guess.

Pretend to go on a

journey to your

favourite place .

Maybe you could build

a pretend vehicle! Talk

about what you can

see along the way

Draw your house and

draw all the people

who live there with you.


Foundation Stage spellings