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The children will be following the Power Maths scheme.


Mrs Watts and Miss Webster will be teaching the Year 3 children.

In Year 3 the children will follow a unit of work about time, during which time they will learn how to read Roman Numerals to 12, tell the time to the minute, read digital and analogue clocks, use am and pm, understand units of time; years, months, days, hours, minutes and solve time-related word problems. 

The next unit of work is angles and shapes, during which the children will learn about right angles, compare, measure and draw angles accurately. They will learn about the terms horizontal, vertical, parallel and perpendicular.  They will also study how to recognise, draw and describe 2D and 3D shapes.

Finally, they will study a further unit about statistics.  They will learn how to interpret and draw pictograms, interpret bar charts and simple two-way tables.


Miss White will be teaching the Year 4 children.

In Year 4  the children will be learning about time.  They will learn to convert between different units of time, analogue and digital using both the 12 and 24-hour clock.  

They will then focus upon angles and 2D shapes in geometry.  They will learn about acute and obtuse angles and the properties of different triangles and quadrilaterals.

The children will then complete a unit on statistics where they will solve problems with charts and interpret and draw line graphs.

Finally, the children will complete a topic on position and direction.  They will describe position using co-ordinates and translate these onto a grid.


Year 4 Multiplication Check

The Year 4 children will complete a times table test in June 2023. The test will test all of the children's times tables up to the 12 times table. There will be 25 random multiplication questions that the children will have 6 seconds to answer. The children are aiming to get all 25 correct. We will be helping the children to achieve this at school but any additional help and support with improving your child's times tables at home would be extremely beneficial. Times Table Rockstars is a really useful website to support times table practise and the website link to this is below.