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Week 5







Look at this week’s spellings (Week 5) Look at the spelling rule read through the PowerPoint. Discuss any words you don’t know the meaning of.



Do this week’s spellings word search.

At the bottom of the page.


Recap this week’s spellings. Choose 5 of them and put them into interesting sentences. Remember to use as many skills as possible. This could be adjectives, conjunctions, question marks, exclamation marks, commas, apostrophes.


Complete the Look Cover Right check sheet for this week’s spellings


Do a spelling test on this week’s spellings.



Reading today is in the English section.



Log in to Oxford Owl.

Read ‘What’s in the woods’



Read the information about The Great Fire of London in the middle of Your SATS booklet.

Complete question on pages 38 and 39.



Log on to Oxford Owl and read ‘Happy Birthday Winnie’. You could then log on to Accelerated Reader and test on it.



This is an animation of one of my favourite kids books, Kitchen Disco.


Pages 102 and 103 Maths SATs Booklet



Pages 44 and 45 in Maths SATs Booklet


Play ‘Moon Mission’ on Education City.


Play ‘Speedy Pete’s’ On education City.


Play ‘Hit The Button’ online.

Try changing to some tables that you still find tricky.


Read the PowerPoint story Hansel and Gretel. Take time to spot the interesting word choices, the sentence openers and any other skills you can spot.   


Complete a book review of the story Hansel and Gretel. There is template at the bottom if you want to use but if not that’s also fine.


Remind yourself of the story you read on Monday. Choose two characters from the story and write a character description for them. There are templates at the bottom but you don’t have to do it on the sheet.


Think of the story Hansel and Gretel. Use the ‘alternative ending sheet at the bottom of the page to make note on a different ending to the story.


Using your notes from yesterday, write you new version of the story. You could just write your new part rather than copying all of the start or maybe cut it out and stick it in.


Click on the link below to play BeeBot online. Challenge yourself to spell out your name. Use the drop down menu to change the mat.


This week you have been using the story of Hansel and Gretel. Where come across a ginger bread house. Maybe you could make some gingerbread (make the house if you’re feeling brave).


Use this link to do Cosmic Kids Yoga on Youtube.


I have put some Hansel and Gretel activities at the bottom of the page for you to have a look at. There are some paper models you could make, a game and a word search.  


I have put a dissolving science experiment at the bottom of the page for you to have a go at. Just do it for fun or go all out and make a graph and write about what you found out.