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Our topic title for Spring term 1 is...

What did the Romans do for us?





Our science topic is digestion and teeth. The children will learn to identify the parts of the digestive system and their functions. They will also look at the different types of teeth and their functions. The children will complete an investigation on tooth decay.


Our history topic is on the Romans. The children will learn about life in Roman times and how the Romans affected life in Britain. We will learn about invasion, soldiers, Hadrian's wall, Roman baths, clothes and food.












In Computing the children will learn to use multimedia elements within a powerpoint.



In music the children will learn to play the glockenspiel.

In art we will be developing our drawing skills by learning to use shading and add tone to different shapes. They will also learn about the work of artist Stephen Wiltshire.

In French lessons the children will learn to speak, listen to, read and write events, months and actions in French. They will also learn about the difference between the French and English accent and learn about some of the celebrations and events in France throughout the year.