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Week 14

Well....what a way to end the year! I cant believe this is the last lot of home learning I am going to send out. Mrs Duncan has very kindly said that we can take it a little easier towards the end of the week, so you at home should do the same. On Thursday and Friday we will be playing games on the field, having a film afternoon, doing some art and generally enjoying the last few day of school together. 


Thank you for all of the pictures and emails that you have sent over the last few months, it has been wonderful to see what you have been doing. I hope you all have a lovely summer. Me and Mrs Stirling started our summer a little early and took Lottie to the seaside this weekend for her very first visit to the beach and in the sea! Here are some pictures of her enjoying herself! Have fun over the holiday and I look forward to catching up with you all in September!
















9.20 – 9.40

Shared Reading


Our book for this week is called ‘The Cautious Caterpillar’

Please read and enjoy the story.



Reading – myON


Remember you now have to log into this site using the detail son our class page.


Read the book ‘Life Story of a butterfly’


It’s on AR so you can test on it after reading. There is now a button after treading that you can click to make this faster.




Complete the comprehension ‘Butterfly Comprehension’

Enjoy yourself, watch a film, play a game, spend time in the garden or park with your family, start your summer!



    1. - 10.30




Keep this week’s story open to help you answer the comprehension questions.




Show off your skills!


Think about this week’s story. And all the English skills you have. Write sentences about the story showing off different skills. Maybe try to include more than one skill in each.

Skills you could include are:



Question marks

Exclamation marks



Amazing openers

Year 2 common exception words (I’ve included a list)

At school we will be using colours to show off the skills in our sentences.


Party Time!


Cody is throwing a party to say thank you to all of his friends who gave him advice and also to celebrate turning into a butterfly. Create a invitation giving the details of where it will be, when, what will be happening, wheat food there will be (remember they are insects) any games that might be played. Don’t forget to make your invite look good with borders and bubble writing!

10.30 – 11.00




11.00 – 12.15

Grid Reference


Use the grid references to create a picture. Each box is for a different colour. There are three different sheets, complete, one, two or all of them if you want.

Remember grid references go along the corridor and then up the stairs.



Look at the data sheet and use the tally chart to count how many of each insect there is. Then use the pictogram sheet to create a pictogram using the information.

 Reasoning Cards


Complete the reasoning cards. Remember that the cards are in different levels. The more stars, the harder it is. Do them in any order you want.


12.15 – 1.15


Afternoon Sessions


1.15 - 2.00



 2.00 – 2.15


2.15 - 3.15



Butterfly Life Cycle

Have a look through the PowerPoint and watch the video on our page explaining about the life cycle of a Butterfly. You might want to do some more research too. I have including an extra reading sheet with more information for each stage.

Afterwards, create a piece of work explaining what you know about the life cycle of a butterfly. This could be a piece of writing, an information poster, your own PowerPoint or pictures with captions.



Create some sort of butterfly or caterpillar craft or piece of art. I have included some ideas on a PowerPoint but be creative and just have fun!



At school we are going to be enjoying doing some of the races/ activities we have missed from sports day. Egg and spoon races, relay, sack race, obstacle. At home be creative and see what you have around the house to recreate some of the races at home. Maybe ask an adult to time you and see if you can get quicker. Otherwise, go for a walk, play on your bike or scooter or get out the paddling pool!



Butterfly Life Cycle Video.avi

Still image for this video