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Week beginning 22nd February 2021


Watch and listen to the story 'Cinderella'. Have you heard this story before?  


Can you make or build a tower, castle or a palace? You could use building blocks, Duplo or Lego or anything else you have at home.



Watch and listen to the story again.

Talk to your adult about what happens in the story. What does Cinderella have to do? Are there animas in the story? What happens to them? Is there a Princess or a Prince?


Make marks or draw some of the animals that are in the story.


Cosmic kids yoga  Join in the actions as you hear the story of The Wizard of Oz.


Phonics sound m. What can you find that starts with this sound?



Go outside and collect some leaves and sticks to make a Fairy Godmother. You can even find a big stick to give her a magic wand or find one for yourself!


Can you count the leaves or sticks you have collected?  Can you put them in size order from the smallest to the biggest?



If you have paper or card at home you could make and decorate a crown. If not you could pretend to be a Queen or King by dressing up.