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The hardest blog - as always written after we get home!


Everyone was up at 640am and started loading the coach at 7am. Thanks to John from Vallances for taking us round the Island smoothly all week and getting us there and back efficiently.


We had our final breakfasts and said our goodbyes, going straight to the ferry port at Fishbourne.


It was a beautiful clear and sunny day with great views up and down The Solent. Once again we were congratulated twice for having such polite and well-mannered children. smiley


Onto the Aquarium for a couple of hours. Some of these children hadn't been to one before so enjoyed the stingrays, the tropical fish and the variety of creatures linked to the Amazon. They read loads and kept telling me allsorts of facts. Who knew a lobster could be left or right-handed like us?


Lunch back on Southsea Common where we saw the France ferry arrive and for some they were WOWed by  the size of a cross channel ferry compared to the one they'd been on which they thought was huge enough!


At 1pm we set off on the long drive home. To start we sang our show songs, then let the children settle to rest until we stopped at Oxford services. Unfortunately, traffic was heavy so we had to stop again and so were slightly later back at 640pm. But hey-ho - it could've been worse!


Everyone was happy to be re-united with their families, to say goodbyes and to sleep in their own beds!