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Week 12 29.06.2020








Read through your spellings.


Practise your spellings using look, cover, write, check.

EducationCity – My Homework

Activity 1 – DISCO

Activity 2 – I Cart Believe it

Ask a grown up to test you on your spellings. Write them in your red book.

How many passengers are on the train?

Look at More and Fewer below.

What does ‘double’ mean? Double numbers.


What does ‘half’ mean? Halving numbers.

Look at Estimating and Counting below.

Let’s have a look to see what you can remember from this week.

Click on Adding up and Taking away to find out.

Do you know what a reptile is?

Look at Features of reptiles below.


Listen to the story The Crocodile who didn’t like Water and answer some questions about the story.

Look at Story map below.

Let’s see how much of the story you can remember from yesterday.


Click on Describe a Reptile to look at how use some describing words.  


Look at Write a fact file below.