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Y6 Summer 2 Week 4 22-06-20

Hope you are all well Y6.


Please come and join the blog or play TTRockstars between 11-12 when we do maths. OR even use Play live for maths and English through Education City! We miss you all! Mrs T and the Y6 Bubble.










60 second Reads


2 Activities –Rationing ‘A Letter Home’

The Role of Women


Both of these are perfect to follow the History

Jane Goodall Advert – consider how you would advertise her services and ideas.


How can you be persuasive but still give the facts?


Choose Activity 1, 2 or 3 depending on how much support you need. Y6 should be 3 stars!

Imagine that you have been asked to create an advert to ask people to help the Jane Goodall Institute save endangered chimpanzees by donating some money.

In your advert, you should tell people about Jane Goodall and why chimpanzees are endangered.


You can choose what your advert should look like. You may be able to design a poster or leaflet, or act out a television or radio advert.


60 second Reads


A Wartime Recipe


The Y5’s did this before and then baked the cookies if they could – ask if you can!!


This is perfect to follow the History.


Letts Orange Spag Book


Formal, Informal and Standard English


Letts Orange Spag Book


Formal, Informal and Standard English




Follow the Powerpoint and practise the words then handwrite the 10 new words in home learning book

Synonyms and anotonyms


Spelling twinkl activity- Code Jumble words and sentence activity

Spelling twinkl activity- Wordsearch

Spelling Test – you need a helper to call them out in a random order and then to mark them. Do in your red book


Y6 Summer Term Maths Activity Booklet – this is going to last you more than 2 weeks. An activity every day!


Place Value Code Breaker

Calculations Code Breaker

Colour by Calculation

Multiplication & Division Code Breaker

Addition & Subtraction Maths





World War Two – The Role of Women

Follow the Powerpoint slides 1- 9 then consider and answer all the questions about the role of women before the war. Draw a picture of a typical woman in her 1939 pre-war clothing.

Follow the Powerpoint slides 11- end


Make an information leaflet to persuade women in the 1940’s to sign up for each one. Youi may want to do some extra research of your own.

This could be presented as a folded leaflet to ask people to join up. It should include information on:

The Woman’s Land Army, ARP patrols, The Wrens and the WAAF




Jane Goodall – Who is Jane Goodall?

Find out about her work with Chimpanzees


Complete the Fact and Fiction Activity Sheet