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Y6 Summer Week 5 18-05-20

This week we are having a personal safety week!








All about Water Safety Powerpoint

Staying safe in Open Water

Railway Safety Powerpoint

Twinkl Electricity Safety Powerpoint

Keeping safe in the sun Powerpoint


Read and discuss the water safety discussion cards and make notes of things you think are important

Write a double page explanation text about how to stay safe in and around water. Use the notes you made yesterday and anything you have learned.

Railway safety Handwriting and Fill in the gaps activity

Dangers in the kitchen sheet - write a series of bullet points to explain what is wrong. Don’t just write *the kettle. You must explain.

Sun safety Reading Comprehension Activity



Design a Water Safety Poster and colour in.

ICT Research the RNLI and complete the activity sheet with the information you gather.


Create a Rail safety Poster to warn of the dangers and colour in.


Pack for Sun Safety Bag activity. Draw your own pictures if you would rather ‘stylise’ your own work!


Follow the Powerpoint and practise the words then handwrite the 10 new words in your red book 5 x each


Spelling twinkl activity- Code word Jumble Puzzle

Look, cover, say, write check and write some spelling sentences using brackets and dashes

Spelling twinkl activity- Wordsearch

Spelling Test – you need a helper to call them out in a random order and then to mark them. Do in your red book


You have asked me for money problems. So I’m going back to addition & subtraction. There is a different activity for every day on Education City too.


Addition Questions for Monday (1) & Summer at the Beach sheet

Make sure you have the biggest number on the top!


Subtraction Word Problems Tues

Be careful – are you adding or taking away?


Additionsubtr-problems Weds

These are a bit harder!


Add & Subtract Word Problems

Have fun doing something completely different! Wax crayons work best if you’ve got any.


Coin Rubbing Activity Sheet


There are new activities on Education City that are things that you need to be able to do like reading a thermometer! There a five so choose one a day please.

Also the other science activities are still available linked to Evolution and Adaptation.

Ed City Activity

Ed City Activity

Ed City Activity

Ed City Activity