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Our topic this term is a geography and science based topic!


Our big question is...Why does the Earth move?

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In science this term the topic is forces and magnets. The children will understand what a force is and measure force using a newton meter. They will learn that some forces need contact between two objects, but magnetic forces can act at a distance. They will observe how magnets attract and repel each other and how magnets attract some materials and not others. The children will be able to describe magnets as having two poles. They will also observe how friction affects the movement of an object.


In geography this term the topic is earthquakes. The children will learn about the structure and layers of the Earth. They will understand how earthquakes are made by the movement of tectonic plates. The children will learn how to measure the size of an earthquake. They will gain an understanding of life in an earthquake zone. The children will also learn how engineers construct buildings to withstand earthquakes.


The computing topic is communication and collaboration. The children will develop their word processing skills and will learn how to write a collaborative story on word. They will then learn how to email and will discuss the advantages and dangers of this form of online communication. 


In DT the children will be learning to make felt for an enterprise project.


In SMSC the children will develop a plan to sell their felt creations at the Christmas fayre.


In French the children will be reading, writing and speaking French numbers, French games and French animals. They will learn how to pronounce the 'a' sound correctly in French spoken language.


In music the children will be learning to play different notes on the glockenspiel. They will look at musical notation and begin to create their own compositions.