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Our topic this term is a geography and science based topic!


Our big question is...What's the buzz?

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In science this term the topic is electricity. The children will identify common electrical appliances that run on electricity. They will construct a simple series electrical circuit. The children will identify whether a lamp will or will not light in a simple series circuit. They will also recognise that a switch opens and closes a circuit and associate this with whether or not a lamp will light in a simple series circuit.


In geography this term the topic is comparing the UK and North America. The children will locate the countries in the UK and North America on a map. They will compare the main differences between the two places including the population, currency and landmarks. The children will compare the physical geography of the two places by focusing on comparing the Mississippi River and the River Thames. The children will learn about the trade links between America and the UK. The class will also compare the climate of different regions across North America and the UK. The class will focus on a specific region of North America and the UK and compare these areas in more detail. The children will finish by writing a letter or postcard from North America which will revise their learning on North America.


The computing topic is communication and collaboration focusing on using audacity. The children will learn how to import, record and edit music on audacity. They will create an advert for a video of New York by using audacity to record and edit sound and speech. The children will learn about being responsible online and recognise that online activity leaves a digital footprint.  


In DT the children will design a game using electricity and switches.


In SMSC the children will learn about global citizenship. They will learn about how to be sustainable and about climate change.


In French the children will be reading, writing and speaking actions and months. The children will learn about celebrations in France. They will also compare the differences in pronunciation between French and English spoken language.


In music the children will learn to sing and compose lyrics with the song Stop!