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Easter Holiday

Hi Turtles!

I hope you are all well, managing to keep yourself entertained and not missing me too much!


It’s now the start of your Easter holiday and over the last few weeks I have been thinking about some activities you might want to do to keep yourself busy. As it’s your holiday you can do as many or a little as you want.


Remember to keep sending me pictures of what you have been doing. I have really enjoyed seeing all your creative activities and I’m sure you have all enjoyed seeing each other’s pictures on our page too.


Here are some of my ideas, if you have any good ones of your own please email them to me and I will share them on here.


Go on a real life bear hunt!

Lots of people have been putting teddy bears in their windows recently to make people smile when they see them. Why not ask an adult to take you for a walk around your local area and see how many you can see? If you haven’t already, put a bear in your window so others can see it as they walk past.

You could read the book ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ or watch the video on YouTube before you set off.


Make some Easter chicks.

There are many ways you could do this. Use egg boxes, paper, card, kitchen roll tubes. Here are some designs I found on the internet.




Play hide and seek with your new chick friends.

Hide your chicks around the garden if the weather is nice and then get your brother, sister, adult to find them. Or ask your adult to hide them so you have to find them. You could do this around the house too if the weather isn’t great. Maybe make it into a competition to see who can find them all the quickest.


Read the Easter story.

I have put a PowerPoint at the bottom of the page that tells the story of Easter. After reading the story you could act it out, retell it or draw some pictures of the important parts.


Make an Easter garden.

A tradition around Easter time is to make a resurrection garden – a miniature of the garden where Jesus is said to have come back to life. Here are few examples I found on the internet.




Read ‘Saving Easter’

The Easter bunny has a problem that could ruin Easter! How will Easter be saved? The story is at the bottom of the page.

After reading you could pretend you are the Easter bunny and write a thank you letter to those who helped.


Complete a Time Capsule.

You are making history right now! Schools closing and people being asked to stay at home hasn’t happened in a very long time. At the bottom of the page is a time capsule activity to help you remember this time.


Do some colouring.

I have put some colouring pages at the bottom of the page. But if you can’t print them you could draw and design your own egg, see how many different designs you can make using only three colours or just draw an Easter picture.


Hope you have a lovely two weeks and remember to keep sending your pictures!