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Week of May 11th


  • Nancy and Will read the story 'Red Riding Hood' to each other.



  • Can you watch the story by clicking on the link above?



  • Can you draw a picture to show part of the story of Red Riding Hood?
  • You could
    • draw Red Riding Hood, grandma, the wolf or the woodcutter
    • draw the trees in the wood
    • draw grandma's house or her bed



  • Today why not have another 'scavenger hunt' with everyone at home.
  • There is one for inside and one for outside.
  • How many things can you find?


  • Indoor Scavenger Hunt
    • a toy with wheels
    • a pair of matching socks
    • something soft
    • something smaller than your hand
    • a book with a number in it
    • your favourite cuddly toy
    • something round
    • 4 red things


  • Outdoor Scavenger Hunt 
    • 4 leaves that look different
    • a flower
    • a stick longer than your hand
    • a flat stone
    • 5 blades of grass
    • something that is brown
    • something smaller than your thumb
    • something that smells good



  • Poor Grandma - she was very upset after she met the wolf. She did not feel well at all.
  • Could you make her a 'get well' card?
  • You will need
    • a piece of paper or card
    • some crayons and a pencil
    • a grown up to write 'get well' and then you could try to copy it
    • to draw a picture or stick some small objects on the front of the card




  •  Below there is a picture showing all the characters from the story of 'Red Riding Hood'.
  •  How many characters and different items can you name?


  • Can you answer the following number questions too?
    • How many wolves are there?
    • How many times can you see Red Riding Hood?
    • How many baskets are there?
    • How many birds can you see?
    • How many yellow flowers are in the picture?
    • How many trees are there?
    • How many animals are there altogether?
    • Can you think of anything else to count in the picture?