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Thrilling Thursday


With a later start to the day, the children rose in good spirits, ready for another glorious day of sunshine.  The round was booked at ‘Pirates Cove’, and our tee time allowed a more relaxing breakfast before heading out to the first tee.  The course was in great condition with firm greens, waterfalls, and tricky obstacles.  The pirate theme really added to the experience! The winners received a prize which I’m sure they will ‘treasure’ for life – excuse the pirate pun!


After an ice-cream in the clubhouse, we walked along the sea front and up to a fantastic sweet shop!  The children had a fantastic time scanning the shelves and finding some weird and wonderful confectionary.  With best intentions, the children bought souvenirs for loved ones, however I can’t guarantee they all make it home!  Having said that, if a giant sour pickle isn’t something you would like to receive as a gift, I guess you’ve dodged a bullet!


While we shopped, our fantastic bus driver did his best to fix the sound system.  Although the CD option still isn’t working, he did manage to fix the Bluetooth input, and with that the ‘Isle of Wight Party Bus Playlist’ was born!  Songs like: ‘Party in the USA’ and ‘I want It That Way’ were real crowd pleasers!


In the afternoon we toured Carisbrooke Castle and took in some of the local history.  We saw the room where Charles I was imprisoned and read up on the history of the castle.  We toured the castle walls and grounds, and met the donkeys that lived there.  The children really enjoyed it; the glorious sunshine definitely helped with.


After tea, we had a sandcastle competition with prizes for the winners.  We almost didn’t go paddling in the sea, but we just couldn’t resist! We had to have one last splash and sandy walk home – it is our tradition after all!  The children have had their drink and biscuit and are heading to bed, ready for an early start and a long journey home.  We have all had an amazing time, and are ready to see loved ones again!