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Congratulation to Jacob for his DOUBLE WOW today!

Jacob was nominated on the 8.4.22 for his efforts with his handwriting and attitude towards his writing (but unfortunately was absent).

Since, he has continued to work hard! Jacob's creativity really shone in his contraption for his English explanation and after missing a planning lesson, Jacob had less time than his peers to write his explanation which he did to his B.E.S.T. ability. We have also been very impressed with Jacob's learning logs.


Congratulations to Jackson, who has improved significantly in his times table knowledge. He has progressed 4 levels in Olympic Maths- moving up 3 levels since February alone! Jackson is really growing in confidence and fluency which is having a positive impact on his maths.


Well done to Ethan who is fluent reader and is developing his love for reading again. He is reading and testing on thick books and has been 'crowned' champion on word count for the past 2 weeks. He has also tried hard to be more responsible and has led a class Easter Egg competition within the class as School Councillor.


A huge congratulations to Joel who qualified to run at the County Cross Country Champions to represent Bolsover District. This is the first time a Y4 has achieved this, so in itself is a massive achievement- but Joel only went and finished in 4TH place! We are very proud of you. 


Congratulations to Eleanor and Kai!

Both have made huge milestones in their writing. Eleanor has also made great progress in her reading scores and is a real tem player with fantastic attendance. 

Kai has really matured and is keen to improve more and more. 


Both Lola and Libby have shown excellence in gymnastics this week! Their skills are an inspiration to their peers. They both accept further challenges and have performed the following routine:

backwards roll

Backward roll into straddle

Frog stand

Head stand with extended legs


Flip over


Great work girls! Keep working hard.



Well done George on an amazing Learning log this term. 


Congratulations to George for his contribution in poetry. George read his poetry with great emotion and animation and really captivated his audience! He has been inspired by the poems and has started writing his very own poetry- which is very impressive.


Congratulations again to Guy. Guy's intonation and expression during performance poetry was inspiring and others were wowed by his performances each day. 


Congratulations to Guy and Livinia!

Guy is such a supportive friend. He shows great friendship, empathy and teamwork with his peers. He is taking lead of group activities and becoming decisive and proactive.

Livinia is a talented seamstress. Her Christmas stocking DT project displays excellent stitching and careful detail. Livinia was very helpful to her peers who needed help with the project. 



A HUGE congratulations to Cullen, George and Matthew. In the last 2 weeks, they have worked hard reading their Accelerated Reader books and have tested and passed on 14, 21 and 27 books! They are developing a real independence, confidence and passion for reading. Keep it up boys! 


Well done to Ryan and Libby. They always work hard in every lesson and try to apply their new learning.

They listen well to feedback and are constantly trying to improve their work. A great positive mindset to have! 


Congratulations to Eleanor, Lola and Joel. 


Eleanor is really starting to find her voice. She is contributing to class discussions, offering examples and volunteering to read aloud. Eleanor is trying hard to apply her new learning.


Lola is a great role-model. She always tries hard in all she does and her presenation in every lesson is always her B.E.S.T. 


Joel is always the first ready for the lesson and follows instructions well. He applies his learning well and is the first child to achieve his writing target. He is particularly trying very hard in maths. We were blown away with his football skills this term and equally impressed with his teamwork and sportsmanship. 


Congratulations to Phoebe and George who have both embraced the challenge of the new Level 12 reading books. They read a book and complete written comprehension questions EVERY DAY. Their passion and  motivation to read is inspiring! George is now a Free Reader and Phoebe only has a few books left before she is too! We are so very proud of you both!


Congratulations to Masen who has settled quickly to morning work activities and has grown in independence.

Congratulations to Freya who has accelerated progress in reading and has asked and answered questions in EVERY lesson since coming back to school!