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Thursday 6th


With a later start to the day, the children rose in good spirits, ready for another glorious day of sunshine.  The round of golf was booked at ‘Pirates Cove’, and our tee time allowed a more relaxing breakfast before heading out to the first tee.  The course was in great condition with firm greens, waterfalls, and tricky obstacles.  The pirate theme really added to the experience!


After an ice-cream and a cappuccino or two in the clubhouse, we walked along the sea front and up to a fantastic sweet shop!  It’s a family run sweet shop with what seems like every sweet flavour imaginable.  The children had a fantastic time scanning the shelves and finding some weird and wonderful confectionary.  Our children love sweets!


In the afternoon, we arrived at ‘Blackgang Chine’ theme park.  There were some fantastic rides and attractions.  There were mazes, fun houses and white-knuckle rides.  The most popular was the adrenalin-inducing ‘Extinction’.  A 360-degree pendulum swing - 18 metres in the air! A number of children questioned why they couldn’t ride Extinction if they suffered from travel sickness.  Luckily no explanation was needed, when one of our thoughtful children demonstrated what happens in real time.  Turns out if you ignore the warning signs, the ride must be closed and hosed down, and you need a full bag of wipes and a clean t-shirt before you can carry on with the day.  Lesson learned!    


We arrived at the hotel and had a meal of pizza or hot-dogs before making one last trek to the beach and one last paddle in the sea.  The children are tucked up in bed which some were ready for since early this afternoon.  We will have one last early rise and make our way home tomorrow. 

See you all soon!