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Poppy has been so consistently on the go with her work since Easter. She is achieving really well and wants to show her best at all times. She has been amazing in maths and has maintained her high level of ability, despite the lockdown learning! I'm impressed with her effort to produce good quality handwriting and I know it isn't easy when you are left handed. She has also been awarded a pen licence today.

Keep up the hard work Poppy, you are going from strength to strength!


Darren has worked hard every single day this year, but especially since Easter! He wants to succeed and is like a sponge, absorbing more and more!

He has been super determined with TT Olympics and is nearly at the end of the challenge already. He achieves well in maths!

He has lovely handwriting and usually produces high quality written work in all subjects.

Keep this up Darren - you are nearly in Y6!