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Alisha could have been chosen for WOW any time this term. She has worked with such determination all the way through from September.

Firstly with handwriting - really wanting to get a pen again!

Secondly with maths, to make sure she fully understood and consolidated all her learning about fractions from during lockdown in Y5. Also, she has attended loads of before school revision sessions.

Finally, she has had a fantastic attitude to reading this year, wanting to self-improve every week!



It has been a pleasure to get to know Evelyn this term. She always has a story or a kind thought to share. She is very thoughtful and polite and always does her best to work to her full potential.


Most recently she has been focusing on her writing. She has learned many new skills, including grammar terms and wrote the best story for her assessment write!

I can't wait to see her go from strength to strength. smiley